Shop Local, Shop El Dorado

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    Shop Local Today and Everyday. For every dollar you spend in El Dorado, 68% stays in El Dorado to help make our community a better place to live. Be sure to spend your money, where your heart is this holiday season. Pledge to make a difference and 
    Shop El Dorado. 

Marketing Meeting

  1. meeting of the minds

    Join us on March 2nd at 2:00pm to meet with other businesses in El Dorado on marketing ideas. If you are interested in participating in the Kansas Proud Campaign this year, direct mailings, coupon books, and /or business to business marketing we highly encourage you to attend!!





Non-Profit's Corner

  1. non-profits corner

    The El Dorado Chamber and El Dorado United Way are partnering to host a non-profits round table on Feb. 27th at 4:00pm. Topics this quarter include: Non-profit wishlist, database, and volunteer opportunities! Come get your agency listed and give your input!