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Chamber Bucks

What are Chamber Bucks?  They are checks made payable to Bearer that is available to obtain at the Chamber office.  The purpose of this great program is to keep money in the community.  The holder of this check can use it to make a purchase at any retailer in the community.  It cannot be used in exchange for cash.  It is an even exchange to obtain, in example: $50 = $50 Chamber Buck check.  Request for Chamber Bucks may be made via email to  Please allow up to two weeks for processing upon a request.

Example: Chamber Bucks check

Past Participants/Chamber Bucks Accepted:

Benefits of Using Chamber Bucks

  • Keeps local dollars LOCAL
  • Great for employee incentive or reward programs
  • value of check is guaranteed by the Chamber of Commerce
  • one size fits all, check holder have freedom of purchase
  • many places to spend in El Dorado
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Chamber Buck List

              Thank you for your support of the                            El Dorado Chamber Buck Program              Keeping Local Dollars LOCAL

Special Thank you to our Partners!