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Starting a Business

Grow Your Business the Right Way with These Essential Moves


Running a successful business requires a lot of strategizing, from figuring out a marketing plan to hiring the best team members for your needs. When it’s time to start thinking about growing your business, your strategy sessions will be similar to the ones you had at the very beginning, but with a few tweaks; how can you revamp your marketing tactics? Which companies can you partner with that will benefit your goals? Which resources are available to you–both locally and online–that will help you make more informed decisions about the direction your business is going in?


When it comes to the latter, take a look at the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, which is full of tools for small business owners in the El Dorado area. Here are some goals to consider when you’re ready to grow your business:


Take a second look at your business structure


Your business structure is a crucial element of your daily operations, allowing you to ensure that your tax responsibilities are taken care of and providing flexibility with the way you run your business, but not all structures are created equal. Some work better than others for small businesses, so take a second look at your chosen structure to make sure you’re maximizing its potential. A limited liability company, for instance, can provide tax benefits and requires less paperwork than some other options. Each state has its own steps for forming an LLC, so read up on the rules for creating an LLC in Kansas. Keep in mind that you can save quite a bit on attorney’s fees by hiring a formation service to file the paperwork.


Connect with other business owners


Once you’ve taken a look at your business structure, you might start thinking about how you can maximize your reach to a wider audience. Small business owners can greatly benefit from connecting with other business owners, so networking is essential. You might try setting up a community event that allows local entrepreneurs to mingle or heading to a conference or convention so you can meet new people. You never know where the next big idea will come from or where you’ll find the perfect partnership. Think about how you can optimize a potential partnership; for instance, if you’re in the catering business, consider teaming up with a tuxedo rental business so you can cross-promote for weddings.


Overhaul your website


For some small business owners, a website is more of a tool for providing information to customers than anything else. However, your site should be much more than that if you want to create growth. It should include SEO tactics on every page in order to ensure that customers can easily find it through search engines, it should be accessible for every ability, and it should be easy to navigate since customers typically won’t spend much time scrolling through a site to find what they’re looking for; they’ll just move on to a competitor. Your site should also be compatible with mobile devices and, ideally, should offer an ecommerce section so your customers can take care of all of their needs at once.


Use analytics to check on your performance


As you make changes to your website or marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to utilize analytics tools that can tell you exactly how you’re performing with your audience. Are customers staying on your site long enough to find what they need? Are they clicking through and converting visits to sales? You can learn all this and more by using the right tools, which will help you make crucial decisions that will facilitate growth.


Growing a business is a big job, but with the right moves–such as reconsidering your business structure–you can make easy work of it. Hold a strategy session with your team members or partners and create a plan that will allow you to spread into new markets or engage a wider audience.


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Influencing economic and social policy, as well as maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens is a fundamental mission of the El Dorado Chamber. To that end, the Chamber needs the involvement and participation of our members.
If you would like to participate in the Advocacy committee, please contact the El Dorado Chamber.
Stay engaged on state policy issues that could affect the El Dorado business community.

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Federal Resources

Sales tax is collected from El Dorado residents and non-residents on the purchase of tangible goods and services within the city. El Dorado has a 1 cent sales tax supporting general operations, including but not limited to Economic Development, Street Rehabilitation, and Property Tax Reduction.

Special taxing districts are used in other nearby cities and throughout the State. In certain new development areas of El Dorado, there is an additional sales tax for Community Improvement Districts (CID).

Sales Tax-City of El Dorado, KS
State Tax = 6.5%
City - General Tax = 1.0%
Total Sales Tax Rate = 7.75%

The sales tax in the following areas increased 2.00% to 9.75%
El Dorado - Business Park- 3000 block (CID)
El Dorado - Business Park- 3200 block (CID)
El Dorado - West Central 2500 Block (CID)
El Dorado - West Central 2700 Block (CID)

Employment Opportunities

ACT Workforce Initiative

The goal of the Butler County ACT Workforce is to create a better workforce for Butler County businesses.

We have joined forces with area Chambers, schools, Butler Community College, Kansas Workforce, El Dorado INC and Butler County to provide education, and events to help shape our workforce.

These events include a Career EXPO, Job Shadow Day and Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

To know more about the Workforce project visit:

Special Thank you to our Partners!