Tax Rate Information

Sales tax is collected from El Dorado residents and non-residents on the purchase of tangible goods and services within the city. El Dorado has a 1 cent sales tax supporting general operations, including but not limited to Economic Development, Street Rehabilitation, and Property Tax Reduction. 

Sales Tax-City of El Dorado, KS

State Tax 6.50% State = 6.50%
City - General Tax 1.00% City = 1.00%
Total Sales Tax Rate   Total = 7.75%

Special taxing districts are used in other nearby cities and throughout the State. In certain new development areas of El Dorado, there is an additional sales tax for Community Improvement Districts (CID).  

The sales tax in the following areas increased 2.00% to 9.75%  
El Dorado - Business Park- 3000 block (CID)
El Dorado - Business Park- 3200 block (CID)
El Dorado - West Central 2500 Block (CID)
El Dorado - West Central 2700 Block (CID)