Event Planning Checklist

This checklist may prove helpful as you plan your event.

A Little Planning Goes a Looooong Way

  • Determine what you want to achieve with the event, e.g., thanking your stakeholders, publicizing your opening, meeting neighboring business people, giving back to the community, etc.
  • Begin working on your event theme and program format.
  • Check the availability of any special guests you want to participate in your program or attend your event as special guests, and check potential dates and times for conflicts.
  • Finalize date and time and confirm special guests.
  • Compile your guest list. (Your list can include neighboring businesses, existing customers and vendors, prospective clients, staff, news media, and friends and family.)
  • Develop your budget. (Consider things like catering, florals, decorations, entertainment, photography, invitations, audio/visual equipment, door prizes or gifts for attendees if wanted. 
Roll Up Your Sleeves - preferably one month in advance
  • Prepare the invitation.
  • Sign contracts with vendors providing goods and services for your event (catering, photography, party supply, etc.).
  • If you're sending printed invitations, give the printer plenty of time to produce them. And if you're having a mail house help with the distribution, they may need up to five business days to process the mailing. Or consider an emailed invitation.
  • Send invitations out one month in advance.
  • Finalize your program and create an event-day timeline, from set-up to clean-up.
  • Follow up with special guests and make sure they know their role in the program.
  • Assign/delegate event-day tasks, e.g., greeting guests, handling media, working with vendors, set-up, clean-up, etc. 
Enjoy your event!