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The Foundation the Chamber was founded on still exists today

The El Dorado Chamber of Commerce dates back to 1912, when a group of local minded citizens formed the El Dorado Commercial Club.

These group of individuals starting meeting on a regular basis to improve the economic welfare in El Dorado.

Through these meetings, came the city council’s call for a $20,000 bond issue to be used in a drilling campaign. Members of this commercial club worked hard for this issue which eventually carried and although three tests drilled were ‘dry holes’ the results so interested private corporations that they came in and developed what became one of the worlds “greatest oil fields”.

This oil boom necessitated a larger organized commercial body from which grew the current Chamber of Commerce.

On May 18th, 1921 the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce was incorporated. 
The reason behind the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce all those years ago, still exist today.

Simply stated, the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce is here to provide you with progressive, orderly community development; effective government at all levels; and to help maintain a high climate for a sound expanding economy.

Everyday we work for you. 
Serving Businesses. 
Serving our community. 
Have questions? Give us a call and we'll be happy to answer them! 

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