Educational Classes

All educational classes take place every third Wednesday of the month in the
El Dorado Chamber of Commerce Conference Room. Classes start at 4:00pm and last about 45 min. 

Please contact the El Dorado Chamber at 316-321-3150 
See a Clip of May's Education Seminar Self-Funded Insurance for Businesses!
Date Topic Instructor Summary of Class
1/21/2015 Health Options for Small Businesses U.S. Small Business Adminstration Learn how the Affordable Care Act affected your small business and what you need to know as far as health benefits
2/18/2015 Marketing Tips for Businesses Jessica Folk, Marketing Director Social Marketing is a huge part of today's business world. Learn about this and other great tips that can catapult your business into the 21st Century
3/18/2015 Team Building Exercises for the Workplace  Becky Wolfe, Leadership and Businsess Consultant Join us in for this fun, interactive class where we build trust with our
co-workers and learn how are working relationships affect more than just our work. 
4/15/2015 Workforce Development-Hiring Needs Carol Lee Do you need to hire employees at your Company? Learn all the ways that Kansas Workforce can help you and make your decision the right decision. Plus learn about all the options that are out there that you may not even know about. 

Self Funded Insurance for Small Business

David J. Powell and Associates, LLC 

Learn the basics of Self Funding and why this may be the best option for you!

6/15/2015 Understanding
KSBDC This class will go over the most common forms of financial documents and help participants read, analyze and form common trends when looking at your monthly financial statements. 
6/17/2015 Simple Steps S.C.O.R.E This class covers all aspects on how to start and grow a small and/or existing business and the steps needed. 
7/15/2015S Secretary Ray Roberts Kansas Dept. of Corrections Secretary Ray Roberts will be here to give an update on the Kansas Department of Corrections. 

UWE & 

Non-profit Resources Workshop


Learn about United Way of El Dorado and it's vital role in the community. Understand how they raise money and what services grants they offer. Also take the time to network with other non-profit in the area. This workshop is in partnership with United Way of El Dorado. 

8/19/2015 Small Business Accounting and Taxes S.C.O.R.E Goes into the accounting and taxes side of a small business.
9/16/2015 Importance of Customer Service S.C.O.R.E Suggestions and Tips on how to improve your Customer Service and WHY it's so important. 
10/21/2015 Overview of Chamber Master El Dorado Chamber of Commerce Come learn about the Chamber's new member software and how it can impact you and your business. 
11/18/2015 Help us put El Dorado on the Map! El Dorado Chamber of Commerce Help us ensure that every business in El Dorado is listed on Google. We will have a Google Map event, with materials sent to us by google to help us put El Dorado on the Map!